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Rigel UniPulse Defibrillator Analyzer Calibrated May 2024


This equipment comes in perfect working condition with a 30 days return. It has been calibrated in May 2024
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The Rigel Uni-Pulse is a portable and battery operated defibrillator analyser, designed to safely test the performance of all mono- and bi-phasic, standard and pulsating waveforms and AED applications. Control of the Rigel Uni-Pulse is through a menu driven colour GUI.

The Rigel Uni-Pulse is able to measure and display the following parameters:

 1. Energy (peak voltage, peak current, pulse duration) 

2. Cardiac Synchronisation Time 

3. Charge Time 

4. Display the curve

In addition, the Rigel Uni-Pulse, can simulate a variety of ECG signals to help establish the analytical function of AED’s and the performance of the waveform detection circuits. 

The Rigel Uni-Pulse has internal memory to enable asset management data to be collected including but not limited to: 

- Asset Details (Site / Location / Make / Model) 

- Test results

- Discharge waveform 

Computer communication is via Bluetooth and USB. This communication facility can be used to download test results. 

Tests on Defibrillators:

- Energy Discharge (including peak voltage, peak current and pulse duration) 

- Cardiac Synchronisation Time 

- Charge Time 

Energy Discharge:

This test measures the Energy output of the defibrillator. In doing so the Peak Voltage (upto 6000V) and peak Current (up to 100A) is recorded. 

Energy is displayed in Joules.

A typical discharge lasts for up to 10mSec and is the result of a discharge of a large capacitor. 

The discharge time is similar to the RC time (R= 50Ω load) 

Cardiac Synchronisation: 

A defibrillator is required to discharge at the correct moment of the QRS complex in order to avoid the vulnerable period (T-Wave). 

When using the Uni-Pulse in Cardiac Synch mode, the Uni-Pulse will output an NSR waveform. The defibrillator will synchronise on the R wave in the QRS complex.

The Uni-Pulse will measure the time between this point and the actual discharge. 

Time is displayed in mSec. Typical between 10 – 50mSec.

This unit has been fully tested, and last calibration has been done in May 2024. It comes with a 30 day return, and can be used with 110v and 220v, worldwide. A battery charger and a power cable will be delivered.

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Rigel UniPulse Defibrillator Analyzer Calibrated May 2024 is not currently available.

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